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Personal Log Entry #1091211

I guess I should use this thing again.

So a year has passed and its finally 2012. I didn’t get off on the right foot. First off I did something to my back so now it continues to hurt for some odd reason. This in turn has also caused my right arm to hurt as well.

I got my first speeding ticket and its not the ticket I was angry about ,cause techincally i was going 10mi over the speed limit, its just the “why me?” thing going on. NO ONE DOES THE SPEED LIMIT ON I-26. It should just be an unwritten law or something.

My great-grandmother isn’t doing to so hot. Shes been sleeping a lot and not eating. I am worried about her.

And finally this is 22nd New Year’s that I have not gotten a kiss. In fact I slept through the whole thing.

Well that was like the first 3 days of the year, that means it can only go up right?

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